My ocean & surf photography journey

A sense of adventure and a passion for the ocean fuels my insatiable hunger to capture its unpredictability, it's intense energy, its surreal beauty and those who thrive off its stoke.
Born in Port Elizabeth, a small coastal town on the east coast of South Africa and inspired by my older brother, an avid ocean user to this day, it was inevitable that the ocean would become a part of my life. From humble beginnings as a nipper at the local lifesaving club, to local missions with my brother as a grom to chasing swells half way across the world, it is hard to imagine my life without it.
A career move into marketing in 2010 facilitated a relocation to Cape Town. The move sparked an interest in creativity, and exploring photography became my outlet. What started out as a simple snap with an Iphone quickly turned into tying my passion for photography and the ocean together. So I invested in high quality camera gear and a water housing and became a surf and ocean photographer.
Today, I am a Marketing Programme manager by day still living in Cape Town, with my wife and 10 month old daughter. I'm as stoked as ever, hungry for the next surf mission and creatively driven to produce art that inspires you to explore the Ocean.