Get To Know Me

 A sense of adventure and a curious nature drive my passion for photography. I have been fortunate enough to call Cape Town, South Africa, home for the last six years and this incredible city, it's abundance of opportunity and adventure led me to pick up a camera and fall in love with photography.

With a career in marketing creativity and story telling has been part of my world for the last 10 years. In the last five years photography has become my very own creative outlet. What started out as a simple snap with an Iphone has turned into an emphatic drive to capture emotive, energetic and vibrant moments in the ocean, traveling around the world and in the hearts of people. Where I go my camera goes but I have a particular affinity to the ocean and it's energy, being a surfer, I always have.

Now capturing the imagery of the ocean and surrounds with my camera and turning it into art that fills your homes, restaurants, offices or any wall is my next step in this incredible journey.